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Kids Chair Model – 1

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No sharp edges. Available in bright colors that will spruce up the place. Prevent kids from getting hurt

Dimensions (inches): Length: 12.2 x Width: 11 x Height: 20

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What could be better than having a unique chair for your children? Any kid would love to have one for their room or for the time they are playing. There is no brainer that our Kids Chair is a must-have for all parents.

Not only our chairs can make your little one happy, but they are practical and useful too. Let us see how?

All The Reasons Why Kids Chairs is an Essential Need

Having a perfect playtime buddy or a study partner is any student’s wish. To cater to the need, we have designed the best solution, Kids Chairs.

These chairs match entirely with the needs of any kind. They are reliable, secure, and sturdy, but most importantly, they are fun and enjoyable.

Modern Design
The most enjoyable part of these chairs is how simple yet modern they look. At first glance, it seems to be defying gravity. This unique appearance is perfect for children to stay interested. Moreover, the curved bottom gives more strength and support to the chairs, lessening the chance of tripping. The outer layer of the chair is smooth enough to make it even more comfortable relaxing.

Sturdy Material
Our kid’s chairs seem to be the best option available online when it comes to its material. As they come from genuine plastic, the quality automatically checks all points of sustainability. These chairs are well-built yet not at all hefty. Hence, the lightweight of these chairs is ideal for children’s use. It is also easy to port them anywhere in your home, and you can place them even in the garden.

Additionally, the manageable height of the chair aligns perfectly with the stature of the children.

Kids find our chairs entertaining, comfortable, and relaxing.

  1. Fun design to enhance your kid’s playroom
  2. No sharp edges
  3. Prevent kids from getting hurt
  4. Available in bright colors that will spruce up the place
  5. Environmental friendly
  6. BPA free
  7. Dimensions: 31 x 28 x 51 cm
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Exciting Colors
The colors of our kids chairs are the most exciting thing to explore. There are several colors available, like Blue, Green, Orange, and Yellow. These colors go perfectly in the children’s room and can make rooms look brighter and better.

Safe for kids
Since our chair is for kids, it is vital to know if it is safe for children to use. Firstly, the edges of the chair are smooth without any sharp corners. It is scratch-free and prevents any unpleasant poking and pinching.

Furthermore, the smooth surface keeps children in one place and keeps them away from slipping.

It is necessary to know the toxicity of any product made for kids. Fortunately, the BPA-free material amalgamated with FDA approved quality makes these chairs 100% health safe. There no intoxicants involved in the making of our kids' chairs are made sure to make parents worry-free.

Easy Sustainability
All children’s products must not only be safe to use but must also be easy to clean. The good news is all our chairs are as simple as a piece of cake when it comes to cleaning.

Clean our Kid’s chairs with a wet or even dry piece of cloth, or wash them thoroughly with water. The choice is yours. The material and color of the chair will remain intact. There is no chance of fading or chipping off of the outer layer. Undoubtedly, Kids Chairs available at Appollo’s are the best way out while decorating the room and play area for your kids.


Weight 0.95 kg
Dimensions 31 × 28 × 51 cm



Blue, Green, Orange, Yellow



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