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Super Sling Shot

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  • Slingshots date back to 1839 and we intend to bring back that tradition by introducing slingshots for the young generation. 
  • Our slingshots are made from pure wood and are easy to hold to provide convenience for kids. We use high-quality slings that do not break easily while the wood we use is also safe for kids and is of the highest quality. 
  • Our perception is that screen time should be reduced and kids should indulge in more play and learn activities. 
  • Our slingshots are simple to use and are void of any harm that adult slingshots might bring. 
  • The slingshot is amongst our variety of fine motor skill-enhancing toys that aim to improve muscle coordination in growing children. By including a slingshot in their daily activities, children will not only have fun learning how to take aim but will also get a good grasp on their wrist movements and hand-eye coordination.

Product Dimensions: 56 × 30 × 2.5 cm