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lunchbox office

Office Lunch Carrier

Our two-tier lunch carriers are perfect for any outdoor activity or even for work and offices. The good-grade material keeps food fresh and safe for longer. Also, the stainless-steel bowls are easy to remove and clean.
kids furniture

Kids World

Appollo Houseware School Series is a dream come true for any kid. The wide variety of kid’s essentials will make your munchkins joyful and eager for their first day of school. The stirring and fun looking products are thrilling for even the older kids.

Food Containers

  • fresh 550x550 863d4993e020b605688a34d0e66ef4e7

    9pcs Fresh Food Fruit Storage Containers Set

  • Handy Containers 3

    Handy Container Jnr – Pack of 2 (1000ml/1200ml)

  • apollo posts 01

    Grace Plastic Storage Organizer Basket (3pcs)

  • Grace 1 2 3 3pcs Set Brown

    Grace Fruit Plastic Storage Basket Set (3pcs)




  • SALE
    portable kids plastic table2

    3 Kiddy Book Tables

  • BUDDY PACK new

    Appollo 2 Buddy Packs (Bottle and School Lunch Box)

  • Cool Time Water Bottle Med

    Cool Time Water Bottle – 1000ml (Medium)

  • Untitled 1

    Hip Hop Stool Chair

  • 5 550x550 234c427d9a64fa413450a629c940f3e0

    Jimmy Lunch Box Model-2

  • FB IMG 1597468514133

    Kids Chair


Best Selling products

  • NEW
    Real Acrylic Glass Model 1

    Real Acrylic Drinking Glass Model-1 Set (6 pcs)

  • NEW
    dr.stool 1

    Squatty Potty Bathroom Toilet Stool

  • NEW
    double summer 3

    Double Summer Bottle Model-3 (Pack of 2)

  • NEW
    double summer 4

    Double Summer Bottle Model-4 (Pack of 2)

  • NEW
    Double Summer Bottle 2pc Pack blue

    Double Summer Bottle Model-1 (Pack of 2)

  • 131263019 132218755228458 7621091891207568139 n

    Sultan Cooler (Coming soon)

  • Rack Post 1000

    Kitchen Rack (Coming soon)

  • 2 10

    Tiger Water Bottle Bundle of 2 (1000ml)

  • SALE
    portable kids plastic table2

    3 Kiddy Book Tables

  • apollo posts 05

    Crisper Food Container Medium (3pc set)

  • riwayat1

    Riwayat Lunch Carrier (2 steel bowls – 1 salad bowl)


    Bamboo Bottle


Appollo Houseware Online Store Pakistan

Plastic houseware products always captivate the Pakistani customers. Our kitchens, bathrooms, and even our bedrooms have plastic products that are our everyday essentials. Knowing this, Appollo Houseware store thought of dream-come-true products for all homemakers. It is an unparalleled online store in Pakistan that specializes in plastic products. It offers remarkably top-notch quality goods that match the needs of all types of customers. So, buying whatever you need from Appollo Houseware online store is a perfect shopping splurge for anyone.

Easy Online Experience
Remember the time when we had to go to the markets for every little household plastic product? Well, that is no more the case. With the world getting digital, there is no time to lose. Hence, Appollo Houseware realizing this initiates an online shopping store for the best plastic goods in Pakistan.
Its simple online shopping experience makes spending goals even smoother. It is easy, simple, and just a few clicks beyond. All you have to do is fill up your shopping bag, enter the shipping details, confirm your order, and there you go. All done!

High-quality Plastic Products
When it comes to plastic products, quality is the most prized variable. Appollo Houseware is extremely diligent about it and creates all its products using top class food-grade material. The design and style of the product make the quality shine even more. The aim is to delicately put together everything to make it attractive and also functional.

Something for Every Household
When we say there is something for every household, we mean it a hundred percent. The wide range of products available on the online store has no match to find anywhere else. From tiny to big plastic goods, you can find it all, and that too in just a few clicks.Explore the store to divulge into the expanding variety of kitchenware. From water bottles, drinkware, hotpots, mugs, to even water cooler or jugs. Here, you will find everything you need.
Well, that’s not all! Appollo Houseware also has an ample-mix of useful household products. Be it cleaning sprays, clothing hangers, or even dustbins, there is everything. To top it all off, a specialized Gift Series available in the store makes it pleasant to gift your loved ones their favorite items.

Also, for all the mothers who want to buy a perfect lunch box or water bottle for their kids, this is the ultimate opening for you. The beautiful and sustainable lunch boxes and school water bottles for children will blow your mind. All you have to do is visit the online Appollo Houseware store and sway all your worries away.

Reasonable Pricing for Everyone
Pricing is one thing to feel at ease with when buying Appollo Houseware products. People belonging to every societal scale can easily make purchases having to feel no doubt about the quality. There is nothing that you can resist buying, as there is something for everyone, and we mean it!

Stay Tuned!
Keep visiting to be the first one to grab the latest plasticware products, and stay updated with the irresistible new offers.
Appollo Houseware Store Pakistan – Khayal Thora Extra.




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