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Kids Favorite Kids Ware by Appollo Store Pakistan

Appollo store has a vast kid’s ware line that includes a range of furniture, potty seats, storage boxes, lunchboxes, and water bottles. Our kids ware line is made for children's daily routines. Each of these kidsware products comes in a wide variety of colors.

Why Appollo Store?

Appollo store has over a decade of experience in the houseware industry. We have been dedicated to improving daily lives through innovative and high-quality products. The goal is to provide efficiency and order to living spaces. Appollo makes products for every place in your house. Whether it be kitchens or bathrooms, Appollo has a solution for you.

Appollo's philosophy is centered on a dedication to quality and attention to detail. Our houseware products are made to last and surpass customer expectations. This same philosophy is applied to our kids ware line. Appollo’s kids ware is all about colorful products that your children will love.

Explore kids ware water bottles, lunch boxes, and a selection of kids' tables, seats, and stools. The best part is to make sure the price is affordable. These kids ware products in Pakistan are easy on the wallet as you add functionality to your child’s life.

Affordable Kids Ware Products in Pakistan

Appollo Store is stocked with colorful kids ware products made to be practical. They fit into your house without ruining the aesthetic of your living spaces. For those seeking kids ware products in Pakistan, the Appollo store is your top choice. Parents can rely on Appollo to deliver solutions that make life easier for their kids. Find our kid's wear range below to add functional color to your child’s life.

Mario Lunch Box – 850ML is for Rs. 494

Choose a Mario-themed two-story design for more lunch space. Let your kids choose from red, dark green, orange, and dark blue. This travel-friendly lunch box allows easy storage for spoons or forks. The Mario-themed lunch box is best for everyday school use with Certified Color Pigments and BPA-free material.

Magnet Lunch Box – 600ML is for Rs. 418

Enjoy a range of colors in this magnetic lunch box. Choose from a fun range of colors, including dark green, lemon yellow, grey blue, red, and more. This innovative design comes with airtight and leak-proof qualities for you. Made from BPA-free plastic, we have included a salad box inside to separate a full meal for your kids at lunch.

Lunch Buddy for Rs. 608

Let your kids indulge in multiple colors and cartoon prints on the special lunch buddy series. Pack up the kids ware lunch set for school going children, school trips, or family journeys.

Jonti Lunch Box 2 PC Set - 280ML is for Rs. 400

This lunch box is made from 99% pure virgin plastic, making it both safe and durable. All the color variations have famous characters from cartoons, video games, and movies. And the best part is it comes included with a spork. It comes in 6 variations: orange, red, dark blue, dark green, lemon yellow, and gray-blue.

Spring Thermic Water Bottle – 500ML is for 289

Choose from multiple fun colors of eco-friendly Spring thermic water bottles. This innovative design is leak-proof with a two-way lid and a flip-off cap for drinking. The BPA-free design keeps water cool for hours in the summer.

Blocky Storage Box V-8LTR is for Rs. 950

This item is ideal for storing your child’s toys and other such supplies. It comes built with many compartments, reducing the chances of things mixing up. It comes in 6 color variations: blue, red, white, yellow, green, and brown.

Kids Stool is for Rs. 680

Made from premium quality plastic, this stool is both light and durable. Each variation comes with funky character designs that are sure to excite your kid. This comes in 5 variations: blue, green, red, orange, and yellow.

Kids Chair M-2 is for Rs. 905

This is another piece of furniture designed with your child in mind. A plain and simple chair that is comfortable and flawless in design. This is what encapsulated what Appollo is trying to do with the kids ware line. This chair comes in 4 different colors: green, yellow, orange, and blue.

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